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        Piperidine Series
        Pyrrolidine Derivatives
        Piperazine series
        Quinoline,isoquinoline Derivatives
        Other Heterocycles Series
        Amino Acid Derivatives
        Amines & Amine Derivatives
        Boronic Acids Series
        Other Pharmaceutical Intermediates
        Electronic Chemicals
             About Chembon      

              Located in High-tech Development Zone, Chongqing,China. Chembon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is honored as the high-tech enterprise which engaged in researching, developing, manufacturing and exporting advanced pharmaceutical intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), high-tech electronic materials and other fine chemicals. The company has been granted the rights of self-managed import and export, and has provided the worldwide pharmaceutical, biotech, agrochemical and specialty chemical communities innovative products and services since 2005.     

              Chembon has owned a good team of skilled chemists and chemical engineers, including doctors , experts of organic chemistry for R&D ,process control,and manufacturing. The company  has established pilot plant and multi-function production facility , which is equipped with ceramisc and stainless steel reactors up to 5,000 L. Relying on its R&D and producing facilities, Chembon  can offer various size packages  from grams to tons scale. Our QA/QC group analyzes and assures quality of products prior to delivery.

            Chembon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd has bulit Chengdu Branch Office, which located in the West Park of Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Chengdu,China. As a window of the Company, Chengdu Branch Office  works mainly for commerce department and R&D center, provides satisfactory service of sales, Export and Import Practice, custom synthesis and  custom service.........more

             Contact us  
        Chembon (chongqing) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
        Add. : Highland Center, No. 9, Jianshe Road,
                   Chengdu, 610051, China
        Tel  : +86-28-8758-9178
        Fax : +86-28-8425-2965
        E-mail : [email protected]
        MSN : [email protected]
        Website : www.zjgsc.com.cn
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